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Facebook Changes Terms of Service for Photographers

I haven’t read anything on the new policy (as found on asmp.org) or snopes.com to even know if it’s true yet, but regardless, you are sharing content on a public site and doing so at the site’s discretion (they can ban … Continue reading

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Using Pinterest? You Might Be Violating Copyright Laws.

Pinterest may be the new kid on the block and have everyone’s attention, but I have a number of concerns that are affecting how I use it. First, on the personal side, the whole concept bothers me.  I  understand its … Continue reading

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Do You Know About Facebook Lists? You Should.

One of the features that has stood out for most using Google Plus, and probably the best feature for many, is “Circles”.  The feature allows you to sort your friends into individual circles providing the ability to post messages that … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Tagging Review – It’s a Start….

I started playing with Facebook’s tagging review feature.  It’s a nice feature but not what I was expecting. When tagged in a friends post with my privacy controls set to review all tags, the hyperlink (tag) to my profile still … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Tagging Review Walkthrough

I started experimenting with the new Facebook privacy settings this evening.  I played with the tagging setting that allows the user to review and approve or block any post or image they’re tagged in prior to it showing on their … Continue reading

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Changes to Facebook Privacy Settings

One critical area of social media for me is maintaining a level or privacy.  While I am not concerned with people seeing my personal posts, I do want to protect my family and friends.  The recent changes that are starting … Continue reading

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