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WHO AM I? The work me: A writer, social media consultant, educator and public speaker. I work with solopreneurs and small to midsized businesses helping them effectively use content and social media marketing to build relationships, improve brand awareness, drive web traffic, improve SEO and generate leads through an organic process. What I teach, implement and speak on has its roots in traditional, old-school networking and cold calling. My techniques have been developed over a decade of building my personal brands through social media and relationships. I focus on a relationship based approach. That content is less important and plays a supportive role. That business, long-term, repeatable and sustainable business, is driven by relationships. Whether your business or organization is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, for profit or not for profit or service-based or retail-based, the principles I teach are highly effective and get real results. The real me: An avid sea kayaker, adventure seeker, and fisherman. I take full advantage of living on the water at Salmon Beach off the west side of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma’s North End. I spend as much time paddling as I do working. When not on the water, you can find me fishing off the deck, hiking, camping or otherwise exploring the PNW. I'll spend my downtime with friends, my children or simply having my feet up on the couch. The volunteer me: I teach LinkedIn classes at Joint Base Lewis McChord to help those transitioning to civilian life and am a kayak fishing guide for Heroes On The Water's Northwest Chapter. HON helps military veterans & their families relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through kayak fishing.

Entrepreneur Simplified with Kim Flynn

Entrepreneur Simplified with Kim Flynn – Tactical Social MediaTactical Social Media. I’m not normally one to help promote or sponsor workshops, but every so often something well worth my time crosses my desk – in this case my email (and … Continue reading

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The Cars Of Proctor

The Cars Of Proctor and the North End of Tacoma Having recently moved to the Proctor District in the North End of Tacoma recently it didn’t take much to fall in love with this place.  The history, the sense of community, … Continue reading

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The Move To Tactical Social Media

As of 1 January 2015 I began posting my social media content at Tactical Social Media. As of 1 July 2015 I’ll start posting more personal content here. If you are a subscriber to this blog you can continue to I’d love … Continue reading

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The LinkedIn Messaging Protocol (Revisited)

This post can now be found in it’s entirety at Tactical Social Media. It was originally published on 29 December 2014. I like LinkedIn.  It’s a great networking tool and every bit as powerful as face to face networking opportunities … Continue reading

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The Facebook “Dislike’ Button Conundrum

Within the past month there have been several announcements of major changes planned by Facebook.  There is another change being considered by Mark Zuckerberg – the Dislike button (Thank you Limelight Marketing Consultants for sharing the original Mashable article.) Most … Continue reading

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The Social Media Employment Entanglement

While checking out your Facebook profile may not seem discriminatory, what you have posted, especially with respect to Instagram, now the second place major social network where all images are public by default, can be used to discriminate. These posts and images reveal far more than just our gender. They can help better pinpoint our age (especially for those of us getting older), our ethnicity, our sexual preferences, whether we have a family or are starting one, our religion, our financial status….all small pieces that can enter into a first impression and a hiring decision even before seeing our qualifications. Continue reading

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The Facebook Promotional Post Complication

Facebook Rules will Hurt Businesses “….as of mid-January, the social network will intensify its efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material in user news feeds that businesses have posted as status updates.” Facebook to limit overly promotional posts in news feeds. The typical … Continue reading

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Facebook Changes Terms of Service for Photographers

I haven’t read anything on the new policy (as found on or to even know if it’s true yet, but regardless, you are sharing content on a public site and doing so at the site’s discretion (they can ban … Continue reading

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The Places and Pages Predicament

The Case for Businesses With Multiple Locations To Have Separate Place Pages On Facebook & Google Plus In a recent discussion on whether Google+ allowed a brand page to be linked to individual location pages (for each of its physical locations) the … Continue reading

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The ReTweet Discreditation

The updated post and can be found at Tactical Social Media We should all aware by now that what we post online, especially public content, will live forever.  What you post can have profound, long term effects.  Even a single post, … Continue reading

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