Facebook Changes Terms of Service for Photographers

I haven’t read anything on the new policy (as found on asmp.org) or snopes.com to even know if it’s true yet, but regardless, you are sharing content on a public site and doing so at the site’s discretion (they can ban or block you).  As long as you are on their system, using their servers, you are playing by their rules.  While it would never likely be the case your images could be sold by a third party due to copyright law, once you upload your images to a public site, there is always the risk of theft with you being left to find it and fight it.

Facebook Changes Terms of Service for Photographers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_privacy

One option to avoid the risk is to host all of your own images, add watermarks (though they can be removed), modify meta tag data to allow you to easily catch a thief (of course I can use software to capture the image rather than save it directly), modify the image to make it less desirable to steal or any number of other options.

If hosted on your site with watermarks and good tags you can add a layer of protection against anyone.  To avoid ANY hassle on social media, simply share the link for the image rather than direct posting.  After all there is SEO value in this practice and it certainly helps drive eyes to YOUR owned content – what the goal of capitalizing on social media should be (part of the inbound funnel) for businesses looking to generate income.

It may or may not be true.  It may or may not be legal.  The bottom line, it is up to you to protect yourself and your content.  Share smart.

Your Turn

Any photographers want to weigh in on how they are protecting their images and thoughts?

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