Direct Messages And The Use Of Autoresponders On Twitter – My Pet Peeve

I love the use of the messaging feature on each platform as a strategic tool for more personalized connecting and relationship building.  I was ecstatic to see Pinterest finally release the feature.

Still, the one place I see it abused and improperly used is Twitter.  Really, if you do not have the time to send me a personal thank you for following (and I doubt most do) then maybe you should only send Direct Messages to those fitting a specific set of criteria, those who could be a valuable resource or connection to you.

Whatever you do….stop using autoresponders.  It’s obvious when you do, it’s not personal and certainly isn’t social.  Worst yet – when the message is not even generic enough to avoid offending someone.

Take one of the latest one I received….keep in mind that I’m a marketing strategist!

Whatever you do....stop using autoresponders.  It's obvious when you do, it's not personal and certainly isn't social.  Worst yet - when the message is not even generic enough to avoid offending someone.I’m a marketing strategist!  I’d better be happy with my strategy.  And if I wasn’t, your message certainly means I wouldn’t be asking you.

Sadly, it’s not hard to do it correctly.  Shortly after this one I received this one.


I much applaud Gideon Nielson for taking the time to do it right.   We conversed, I followed him on Facebook as well and added him to a list of quality engagers.

What’s your thought on the use of autoresponders?


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