5 Pinterest Profile Mistakes To Avoid

Without question, Pinterest is a great social media platform for driving traffic to your blog or website, generating revenue and branding, and pins have greater ‘longevity’ maintaining visibility far longer than posts on other platforms:

  • Average number of website visits generated from a Pinterest Pin (updated 11-13-13) – 2
  • Average number of website pageviews generated from Pinterest Pin (updated 11-13-13) – 6
  • Average number of repins generated from Pinterest Pin (updated 11-13-13) – 10
  • Percentage of online shoppers (US) that bought based on a Pinterest recommendation (updated 3-13-14) – 47%

Stats from http://expandedramblings.com/

With the power of Pinterest making mistakes could prove costly.  Over the next few blog posts I’ll run through critical mistakes to avoid in 4 categories.

Part 1:  5 Pinterest Profile Mistakes To Avoid
Part 2:  8 Pinterest Board Mistakes To Avoid
Part 3:  9 Pinterest Image Mistakes To Avoid
Part 4:  Website / Blog Mistakes To Avoid

5 #Pinterest Profile Mistakes To Avoid; https://rnissenbaum.wordpress.com; Tucson Social MediaLet’s start with your profile.

    • The wrong account type:  If you’re a business, make sure you sign up for a business account.  Pinterest makes it clear that if you intend to use their site for commercial purposes, you need a business account.  Aside from the legal reason there’s a another big advantage:  Pinterest analytics.  In order to take advantage of this feature you’ll need a verified website.  You’ll want and need this to be your business site even if you have a personal one.
    • Your Profile Name:  This should be your businesses name.  That’s how your customers will find you when searching (Google) for your business and you’ll naturally want your Pinterest Boards to show up.   You should add a short keyword description following the business name (especially helpful for public figures) to increase SEO and the greater likelihood of being found in a search by pinners.

Think through your descriptive phrase.  What search term do you want to be found under?  What search term is likely to be used by someone looking for your product or service?  Your website’s analytics is a great starting point.  What you do not want to do is use just a descriptive phrase.  It’s unprofessional, an obvious SEO ply and not how your customers will ultimately find you.

    • Your Profile Image:  Seems straightforward right?  Sadly I see far too many accounts with poor profile photos and photos that have no brand value or consistency across their marketing efforts.  While there is the school of thought that your logo is not as personal, warm and inviting as say, you, we’re still talking about your brand.  Unless you are the ‘face’ of your business my personal recommendation is to stick with your logo.Don’t just reuse the image from you have from Facebook.  The optimal size for your profile image is 160 pixels by 160 pixels.   Spend the time to do it right.  Anything larger, if it is accepted will be automatically centered, resized and cropped and can end up distorted.
    • Your Profile URL:  My personal rule of thumb is to always use your business name as your custom URL choice on every social media platform (though there are a few exceptions – and I do understand the SEO, search thought in using keywords).  It can be a little more difficult with Pinterest.   Pinterest limits the length of your URL to 15 characters.  If your name is longer or taken, you’ll have to get creative.  I’d recommend using a shortened by identifiable version of your name / brand OR if you use a shortened version on another account, use that one here too.  Keywords are powerful but so should brand recognition and consistency.  Having unique URLs for every platform can make you harder to find.
    • Failing to link to your other profiles:  Pinterest allows you to link Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to your profile.  These links allow cross posting.   You always have the option to limit the social sharing with each pin.  Twitter is, for me, a must.  I drive most of my views from Tweets.  Since I leverage Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog…Twitter is an effective way to get views and followers.  Google+ is another must…but in order for you to post / log in to your page and not personal profile you ‘ll need to first have a separate login for your page.  Facebook is a little trickier.  The link, like the share option, only works for your personal profile.  Unless you’re a public figure, I don’t generally recommend linking business accounts to personal profiles so think twice about this.  The same applies to link Google+ if you don’t have that unique login.

How does your profile stack up?  If it’s lacking, the best part, changes are easy. What else would you consider a profile mistake?

by:  Robert Nissenbaum

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