7 Tips To Drive Blog Traffic From Facebook

So you’ve been trying to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook but not having much luck?

If like most, all you do now is post the link to you blog ….STOP!  This is your first problem.  Think about it?  How often, when you’re scrolling through your feed do you just click on a link?  Probably not much, if at all.

So how do you do it?  Give them a reason to click on your link!

7 tips to drive #blog traffic from Facebook.  Tucson social media

1.   A well written blog on a topic your fans have an interest in reading.  Let’s face it.  If no one wants to read your post, nothing below will matter (or work).  If you do get clicks, your bounce rate from a quick ‘abandon ship’ will hurt your SEO and does nothing for your authority or credibility.

2.     Grab their attention with a catchy title.  It doesn’t have to be the first line or title from your blog.  It could be a question or a quote from your blog.  Frankly it can be anything  that gets them to linger just long enough to read the post.

3.     Give them the highlights from your blog.  Now that you caught their attention, HOLD IT with the highlights. This may seem counter intuitive but I’ve found the best way get link clicks is to not actually require it to get your message.  Most people use Facebook to stay in touch with friends.  They follow pages for businesses they frequent for news and specials.  They’re not there to read blogs.  They’d be searching Google if that’s what they wanted.  Forcing then to leave the platform is a turn off.  Give them the choice and enough of a taste of your message and they’re more apt to WANT more.  If you do this really well, they WILL want more!

  1. Side Note 1:  With 78% of allow Facebook users now primarily on mobile devices and many sites still not well optimized for mobile viewing, my anecdotal data suggests users to be even less likely to click on links without a compelling reason.
  2.  Side Note 2: This practice also leads to higher engagement rates as users can like and comment just based on the body of your post.  Make them leave and they probably won’t come back.

4.     Make it easy to click-through!  The change at end of last year resulting in larger link images means both better visibility in the newsfeed and more clicks.  It’s simply easier for the user (especially mobile) to click on the image than a small text link in the body of the post.  The harder it is to click, the lower the chances they do.  The caveat here – if the link does not pull the larger size image, or when it does and the image does not display properly (I’ve seen this with longer vertical images optimized for Pinterest) the recommendation is to post an image directly and add the link to the post body.  Smaller link, but a more professional look.

5.     Like, and Comment!  It’s simple. When you like and comment on your own posts as yourself, that activity shows in the ticker your friends see, potentially driving more eyes to your age and the post.  The more connected you are, the greater the visibility of your post.  Take advantage of it.  If you have employees, make sure they are supporting your efforts (your business should always strive for teamwork) and make sure they like and comment as well.

6.     Share it!  I’m not talking about sharing it to your personal profile (while that is an option sharing your business content, especially if you do it often is an easy way to annoy your friends).  I’m talking about sharing it to groups.  Many Facebook groups encourage posting and sharing as a networking tool.  Just don’t spam and be sure to follow the points 2 & 3 above).

7.     Boost it!  I am not a fan of paying for reach but when we’re talking about driving clicks, my views change.  If your Facebook post generates good organic reach, boosting the post with well thought out targeting is a very inexpensive way to drive traffic. (I do not recommend boosting poor performing posts.  Get your organic reach up first!)

Bonus:  Make sure you publish Facebook post specifically to the optimized time (it will vary for each day) as found in your insights.  Doing this provides the greatest opportunity for organic reach.

So does it work?  According to the snapshot of my recent referral sources, it has worked well for this blog….and 3x better than organic search traffic via Google!

So you've been trying to drive traffic to your #blog from Facebook but not having much luck?  http://www.facebook.com/tucsonsocialmedia

by:  Robert Nissenbaum

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