The Great Blog Comment Debate

The Great Blog Comment Debate started by @Copyblogger.  http:/rnissenbaum.wordpress.comCopyblogger recently announced it would be turning of comments and many other sites shortly followed.  That raised the question as to whether the practice was a smart move.

Fabulous Blogging raised some great points in their recent post both for and against the decision to prevent comments.  It became obvious to me how I should proceed.  It’s well worth a read (and comment)!

Most comments on my blogs were either spam or provided very little quality discussion.  Like most I had to take the time to sift through them and reply to the ‘good’ ones or I felt the negative implication of being ignored would create more ill will than having no comments at all.  

With all of my blog posts shared across the various social media platforms I’ve noticed an interesting shift.  My blog posts are read and shared more often and the comments I receive are being posted on the social media sites!!

My decision – comments are now turned off but I choose to leave them on for pings and trackbacks for now.

That still begs the question of how does someone that finds your blog post outside of social channels comment?  

Simply add a link at the end of the post to the post on one of your social sites or your provide them a link to tweet their comments.  

Obviously that brings up the “chicken or the egg’ conundrum.  How do you provide a link to a social media post if your blog is published first and then shared.  

The simply way is to publish, share, then edit the blog post with the link or links of your choice and update.

Personally I love what Fabulous Blogging  did.  Create your social media post FIRST and generate some buzz. THEN publish the blog and update your social media post to reflect the blog article being ‘live’.  

This works best with G+ due to easy editing but will work well with Facebook if you use an image instead of a link and Pinterest if you use the Rich Pin feature.  

Of course you can always just add to the comments!  

Happy blogging……and commenting (or not)!

By:  Robert Nissenbaum

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