Still Focused On A Creating Individual Strategies For Each Social Media Platform?

How social media platforms are intertwined, understanding the true value of social media. Tucson Social Media. you still focused on a creating individual strategies for each social media platform?  Or have you figured they are actually intertwined and learning to leverage the power of one  to grow your brand and reach on another?

As an educator and consultant I try to get my clients to focus less on trying to measure ROI for each individual platform or specific marketing activity and shift to seeing their activity as a whole. For me, you finally ‘get’ social media when you understand how all of your activities intertwine to build your complete WPO and that your ROI is a measure of how well those activities work together (or don’t) and what need to change.

As an example, I pinned a relatively unattractive image from this blog to my Pinterest page this evening.  I have all of my pins set to auto-tweet.  That simple pin resulted in 2 new Twitter followers and 9 Re-Tweets from non followers within 1 minute!!  I effectively used Pinterest to leverage my blog by increasing Twitter followers and Re-Tweets!

The value in linking Pinterest to Twitter.  Tucson Social Media

A side note on ROI….if this results in a client and they inform me they came to me after seeing a Twitter post…is that really a sale generated from Twitter?  Maybe.  For me, if they followed the link to Pinterest and ultimately to my blog, the sale was generated by the blog post.  Twitter was simply the initial point of contact that brought them to my blog.  the sale was generated by the my overall strategy leveraging each marketing piece in the correct way.

Of course given how fast the tweet was Re-Tweeted….I’d suspect there couldn’t have been much reading done.  In the end, that’s OK.  It’s still part of the strategy that drives exposure.

by:  Robert Nissenbaum


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