Want To Pin Directly From Facebook?

Since Facebook does not allow you to directly pin images we’ve had to resort to saving the image and uploading the pin.  While this works, it takes more time and unless you remember to change the source from “pinner’ to the URL of your Facebook page you lose SEO and the link back.

While still not as easy a as directly pinning there is a handy little extension for Google’s Chrome Browser called Shotpin.   It’s actually a screen capture extension that can pull an image from any website and pin it (yes, there are sites that block pinning).   Using it I was easily able to pin the image and post from my Facebook page to Pinterest with easy AND in the process include the link to the post!

The steps are simple.

  • Install the extension from Shotpin
  • From your Facebook page, find the post with the image you want to share.
  • Right click on the time stamp and open the image in a new tab.  This will provide the URL for your post.

Do You Want To Pin Directly From Facebook to Pinterest?  http://www.rnissenbaum.wordpress.com Facebook post URL

  • Click the Shotpin Icon on the upper right side of your search bar


  • Click on the Shotpin icon on the upper left corner  Shotpin_icon
  • Use the ‘+’ cursor to select the photo you wish to pin and click the Pin button in the lower right corner to open the Pinterest Pin It box.  The side benefit here is that you can actually select text as well if you’re on a site that doesn’t have an image or you simply find a phrase or quote you wish to pin!

Shotpin Pin It ButtonPinterest Pin It Box


  • Happy Pinning!

by:  Robert Nissenbaum


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