Do You Have A Separate Login For Your Google+ Page?

Yes, you can get to your page under the pages tab of your personal account but there are a number of reasons why you need a separate login. Steps for creating a separate, unique login and password for your Google+ page.  #socialmediacafe Security:  It’s happened to us or someone we know at some point – or it will.  Locked out of your account.  Whether it should have happened or why it did won’t matter if you cannot access your business page.  If your grounded, so is your page.  A unique login and password prevent being locked out. Notifications: You can customize the notifications you receive for each page you own separately from your personal account. YouTube:  With integration YouTube accounts have been linked to G+ profiles.  A separate login allows you to create a separate YouTube channel for your business(es) while still allowing your personal channel to be linked to your personal account. Third Party Apps / Sign in with Google:  Have separate personal Twitter and Pinterest accounts for personal and business use?  Again, the separate login allows you to link your page to your business accounts and sign into those +1’s / Reviews:  A separate login will also allow you to +1  sites and content as well as review businesses as your business OR as yourself. Ready to set up a separate login for your Google+ page?  Google + page login   by:  Robert Nissenbaum


About Robert Nissenbaum

As a consultant, speaker and educator I provide common sense, practical and actionable social media advice to small business owners and solopreneurs. Active using LinkedIn and Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009, Google+ and Pinterest by invitation before public release and now Instagram, the advice, support and training I offer are based on close to a decade of experience in using social media for my personal and own business brands, not simply what I have been taught or read. I approach social media from a very different perspective than most in the industry. I teach small business owners to shift their view of social media; to understand it’s less about their content and more about networking and building relationships. I work with clients to create the blueprint they need to succeed, help put the infrastructure and systems in place and offer continuing support. Social media is more than a career. It’s my passion. Having spoken on and taught social media since 2011, you’ll get a knowledgeable, seasoned speaker who will deliver quality content without fluff and up-sells. I am available to speak or facilitate social media training workshops at your event on a variety of topics and have presented in Washington and Arizona. Speaking engagements and workshops can be tailored to your needs with presentations as short as 20-30 minutes and training workshops starting at 90 minutes.
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