Are You Properly Timing Your Facebook Post?

Even if you’re sure you are….you might want to head to your page and the insights tab.  Did you know that your optimal post time changes based on the day of the week?  Facebook clearly shows when your fans are online based on the day as well as what time…..



What you do not get as clearly is what time your fans are active on any given day.  The results might surprise you.  Check out a client’s results on Thursday.  While the times are close, with posts being ‘active for a 2-3’ hour window  if they’re looking for eyes on posts in the evening, their posts need to be published earlier.  The peak morning time is also later.

Screenshot (4)


The average shows an increase in views after 5 PM but on Thursdays views actually drop after 5 PM.

So how do you see the optimal time per day?  Just mouse over the day above the graph.

Most of the tie your average will work and it can get exhausting to try and time posts perfectly every day.  My recommendation:  work off the average, check it weekly, monitor your posts to see the engagement they receive and don’t be afraid to post even at off times.  You never know who will see the post and the reaction it will get.  Some of my best posts should never have been seen according to Facebook’s insights.

Have a tip?  Let me know.  My advise helpful?  Please share it.

by:  Robert Nissenbaum


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