Want Reach – Maybe Change the Time You Post!

For those with Facebook pages….love to know how it works for you. Been posting for clients closer to 7 PM during the week and finding reach doubling and tripling those for morning posts regardless of content type (image, link, text only).  In many cases the evening posts are getting far less engagement too.

I am also getting similar results regardless of the type of business (tested with service, retail, contractors) all with differing fan demographics and fan counts.

The last 2 posts in the evening and 1st 2 in the morning over the 4 days.  Again, this has been across the board for my clients.

In the 2nd image the post with the higher reach has only been up for 15 minutes, the other one was posted 12 hours earlier!

Anyone want to play a little and let me know what you find?


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  1. Robert, Facebook tells you the peak times you should post…click on your “insights” —->”Posts”—->”When your fans are online” those are the best times to schedule your posts 🙂

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