Facebook Scheduled Posts – Edit Text & Timing

I like the ability on Google + to format the text in my posts but what I love is the ability to edit them. As much as I like to think I’m perfect (I can hear my girlfriend laughing), having the ability to correct a mistake is a big plus.  The fact that I can update posts at anytime when there is new information or to bring an old post back to life offers the ability to re-engage.

When it comes to Facebook, one reason I have always advocated the use of images in posts over the use links or just text – that ALL posts with images could be edited. Your post content is the image description and that description could be corrected, updated or simply changed at any time.  Not the case with text only posts or those with links.


Now…if you haven’t already seen it….Facebook allows ALL SCHEDULED posts to be edited or have the post time changed.  While I still cannot change all posts AFTER they’re published, it’s a start.  The ability to change post times is the big win.  Prior there was only an option to ‘Publish Now’ or ‘Delete’.  With me scheduling a number of posts, I can now push back times when there is breaking news or a more pertinent post at hand.

Now if only I could schedule posts on Google + without a 3rd party app!

What are your thoughts on the Facebook update for Pages?


by:  Robert Nissenbaum



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2 Responses to Facebook Scheduled Posts – Edit Text & Timing

  1. Chuck Bartok says:

    Nice article Robert.
    It has taken a while to figure out best way yo utilize effectively Facebook posts for clients.
    We have found as you stated the use of Photos rather than direct links is much better for editing and actually generates more engagement for client pages.
    Thanks for hooking up on Google+

    • Thank you Chuck.

      There is a method to the Facebook madness. With organic reach dropping businesses must be a little more creative in how they reach their fans. I have been testing some ideas with good success and will share them soon. Facebook isn’t dead and more than that is now a great place to market given the demographic that is growing and accounting for much of its use.

      “The percentage of active users among the 35 – 44 year old age group rose from 47% to 53%, among 45 – 54 year olds from 43% to 49%, and among 55 – 64 year olds from 39% – 45%.”

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