Facebook’s Malicious Link Warning

#socialmediacafe tip: Do you need another reason to limit using links in your posts?

I received this message when using the Android Facebook Pages Manager app and checking links to trusted blogs on pages I manage. Unsafe link, mobile FBWhile I did not have the same issue using the main Facebook App, just the fact that this warning could appear is scary.

Think about it. Would you continue to the link if you received this warning? Your customers / clients might not.  And what if you’re linking to a 3rd party site?  Are you sure their website is truly safe or won’t be tagged with a warning?

Links back to your content are great, but try to write your posts so clicking on the link isn’t necessary.  Make this an option if the reader wants more information about the topic or your business.

Have you encountered a similar warning?  Anyone on iOS having similar messages?

by:  Robert Nissenbaum


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