Strategically Using #Hashtags

I addressed the power of #hashtags for branding YOUR business and why it was important in a previous post.  But what about strategically using tags to increase your reach and visibility?  Why not leverage the power of current, trending topics and Hashtags?

Think about it this way.  If you need water to irrigate a field, it’s far easier to tap into an existing water source that to develop a new one.  The same applies with social media.  If you’re looking to get visibility for a post, tapping into a trending topic will get more eyes quicker than trying to create a new one

G+_trendingStrategically you will want to identify a trending or hot topic that ties into your product, service or business in some way and build your post around it.  (Just don’t add trending tags to an unrelated post!)

Doing so and including the correct tag will pull your post in any search for that topic. (I should add that there is significant SEO benefits posting on current topics, especially major news events.)


So how do you find those topics?  Just take a quick look at your favorite social media site. Twitter or Google + are a great place to start.  Both provide lists of trending topics.  Google + even has a ‘Hot Topics’ feed.   You can also search your favorite search engine and news sites for major stories.

For your next few social media posts, try tapping into trending topics (be sure to use the #hashtag and follow the rest of my tips on successful posting strategies) and let me know if you see a increase in your reach, visibility or interaction.

by: Robert Nissenbaum, #socialmediacafe


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