#Hashtags Revisited

Hashtags can be a powerful marketing and branding tool when used correctly.  They’ll allow you to maintain consistency and allow your business to be easily recognized and searched for across a variety of social media sites and in Google.

Here are a couple of #socialmediacafe tips to get you / keep you on the right track:

1. Create a unique tag to brand yourself. Ideally it will identify your business, be catchy and easily recognizable and easy to remember.  It will need to be short as not to overtake your post and easy to add from a mobile device, especially if you’re asking customers and clients to use it.

2. Use it in ALL of your marketing from email signatures to print and especially in all social media posts. It’s branding, searchable in all social media platforms and even in Google!  Using it in print may seem odd, but think of the hashtag as your ‘online’ slogan or catchphrase.  The more it’s visible, the better.  The hashtag used in print also helps tie your various campaigns together.


3.  Ask your fans, customers and clients to use it!!  If you’re already engaging and running contests, ask that they uploads photos, testimonials tagged with your #Hashtag,  This works well within a given social media platform where it’s easy to sort your feed or search for posts with a specific tag.

Hashtags are a great way to brand your business.  You just need to take the time to create the right tag and use it!

By: Robert Nissenbaum


About Robert Nissenbaum

Kayaker | Speaker | Writer | Consultant. Twisted views on brand, content, social media marketing, & SEO which get results; Voice of @tsomedia & @wordcampseattle
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