Links vs Images in Facebook Business Page Posts

Do you post links?  Hopefully not too often.  I have mentioned before that Facebook doesn’t like posting links. It makes sense. Links drive people away from Facebook. That means fewer eyeballs and potentially less ad revenue. Facebook wants people to stay in Facebook.

Want proof that Facebook doesn’t like links..that you are better off using images? Check out the image clipped from my postings for a client.

The difference in using images vs links within Facebook posts

I’ve been reading a number of blogs lately that seem to disagree so I decided to do a little test based on my posts for a client.  It’s certainly not scientific, but I think it illustrates my point that if you want ‘Reach’ (read: visibility), then photos clearly outweigh links when it comes to posting.

While not scientific, all of my posts were done on either a Monday or Thursday at the same time, all were posted for the same client by me and all following the same format that has been proven to drive engagement.  The results were pretty interesting.

The difference in using images vs links within Facebook posts

Of the last 6 posts (I did omit the one above with 552 reach as 7 shares made the data unusable), all but 1 of the posts featuring a photo had more posts clicks.

We also know that Facebook weights shares heaviest, then comments and finally likes yet an ‘image’ post with 5 fewer comments and 8 more likes (shares being equal) had a slightly greater post click rate and a reach greater by almost 40%!  I haven’t mastered Facebook’s alogrithym but it would seem that the drop in comments and increase in Likes are similar enough that the reach should be close.

One of the ‘image’ posts had twice the clicks, 3 more likes, 4 less comments and 1 less share but STILL had greater reach.  This certainly doesn’t make sense based on what we know about the algorithym.

Again…none of this is scientific but just based on this client’s posts and what I have seen and heard from other businesses, images definitely outperform links in terms of reach.  I’ll be monitoring and testing my theory with a few more clients and report back.

Please note that I’m not recommending NOT to post links, just that images in posts will drive better reach.

What’s your take?

by: Robert Nissenbaum


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