Don’t Overlook Yelp In Your Social Media Portfolio

Is your business on #Yelp? Is all of the information correct? Yelp may not be the first place you think when it comes to social media but it plays an important role and shouldn’t be overlooked.

#Didyouknow? Yelp‘s mobile app is fast becoming the primary way people search for businesses while on the go. It’s personally what I use.

44% of user views for Blue Ridge Wireless on Yelp came from mobile devices! Yelp

But Yelp is much more than a place where consumers find your business. If you have been on Yelp you’ll know that when you sign up you can connect with your friends. Yelp, like every other social media, site allows its users to ‘Check in’. You can see where your friends have shopped, dined, played, etc. It’s a proven fact that we trust the actions of our friends more than reviews from strangers.

As a business owner, you want people to find your establishment and check in on Yelp just like any other site to maximize this social affect.

It’s also one of the places customers are writing and looking for reviews. Regularly checking allows you to respond as needed as well as keeping you informed about your customer’s experience.

Can you afford to overlook Yelp?

by Robert Nissenbaum


About Robert Nissenbaum

WHO AM I? The work me: A writer, social media consultant, educator and public speaker. I work with solopreneurs and small to midsized businesses helping them effectively use content and social media marketing to build relationships, improve brand awareness, drive web traffic, improve SEO and generate leads through an organic process. What I teach, implement and speak on has its roots in traditional, old-school networking and cold calling. My techniques have been developed over a decade of building my personal brands through social media and relationships. I focus on a relationship based approach. That content is less important and plays a supportive role. That business, long-term, repeatable and sustainable business, is driven by relationships. Whether your business or organization is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, for profit or not for profit or service-based or retail-based, the principles I teach are highly effective and get real results. The real me: An avid sea kayaker, adventure seeker, and fisherman. I take full advantage of living on the water at Salmon Beach off the west side of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma’s North End. I spend as much time paddling as I do working. When not on the water, you can find me fishing off the deck, hiking, camping or otherwise exploring the PNW. I'll spend my downtime with friends, my children or simply having my feet up on the couch. The volunteer me: I teach LinkedIn classes at Joint Base Lewis McChord to help those transitioning to civilian life and am a kayak fishing guide for Heroes On The Water's Northwest Chapter. HON helps military veterans & their families relax, rehabilitate and reintegrate through kayak fishing.
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