“Social Media Experts”

OK, I cannot hold back any longer…one of my BIGGEST #PETPEEVES is when I see people calling themselves “Social Media Experts” and it is VERY clear that they are NOT!

Here is what Social Fuzz says about one of the reasons why social media isn’t working in your business…

You hired the wrong person – There are a lot of people out there that call themselves social media experts. Just because they’ve used social media for their personal lives, they think they can help businesses do the same.

These are the same people that will take $8 an hour jobs for social media, because they enjoy it. The problem is, they have no training, no experience, and no idea how business needs to work with social media, and thus causing them to make mistakes.

The Fix – Make sure the person you hire is a social media expert, with past clients, results, a website and active social media profiles.

So how do you tell if they are experts?  They should practice what they preach. Take a look at their personal sites (Twitter, G+, Facebook).  It’s their resume.  If they cannot drive reach and likes and engagement for themselves, how do they expect to do it for you  Ask for pages they manage.  Look at the post quality and content.  Look for the reach – likes, comments and shares.  Do those results look like something you want on your page?

What do you look for when hiring a social media expert?

Guest post by MJ Jensen



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