Are you getting the engagement you want from your social media posts?

Here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction:

Create quality content

It’s quite simple really.  If your content isn’t interesting it won’t get read.  It can be educational, fun or even provocative. Remember it doesn’t just have to be about your business.  The main point behind social media is to drive exposure for your page and your business.

Prompt their response

Great content gets them in the door.  Like fishing, you still need to set the hook. Ask a question, play a game, create a Call to Action…anything that makes your fan WANT to respond.



Not just as your page, but as yourself.  You have a high profile network of friends.  In Facebook in particular, when you post, your friends see your activity,  They will see you comment on your page – what better way to exposure your page and post to your network without spamming and asking?


Getting comments are is just the first step.  You still need to reply, to continue the conversation, to keep your fans engaged and involved.  Social media is designed to be just that – social!  Now is also a great time to prompt additional responses.

What are you doing to get engagement?  What has worked best for you?


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