A Creative Way to Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

By  now, most of those I speak to about social media are aware that I am no a fan of contests or gimmicks to increase your fan base.  However, there is an exception to every rule.

My friend, Michael C DeShalit, had an interesting situation.  As a magician and hypnotist performing shows at a number of events, he routinely had audience members taking pictures.  That in itself was not an issue, but getting copies of those pictures was.  Leave it to a bit of creative thinking to not only solve that issue, but increase his fan base for Motivating Minds Hypnosis Facebook page, build his professional database and collect email addresses at the same time!

“Hey Tucson Business Experts gang… So I was doing a show last night for FBLA at La Paloma and figured out a way to get some extra edge on Facebook. I offered to the first twenty people in the audience who came up to me after my show a free hypnosis mp3 download if they Friended and Liked me on Facebook and posted a picture or video that they took of my show. They also had to e-mail me so I would have their e-mail address to where I should send the download. This will work for anyone who is a performer or speaker, or even someone facilitating a business meeting or presentation. You gain Facebook Friends, Likes and collect E-mail Addresses and they get something for free such as a mp3 or e-book download. A real win-win for all parties. Give this a shot and get some edge. – Michael C. DeSchalit

Several students posted pictures and videos on my “Fan Page”. Here is one of the pictures posted…

Well done Michael!


Michael C. DeSchalit


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