Are 3rd Party Apps Hurting Your Social Media Efforts?

While posting via 3rd party apps like Hootsuite are no longer supposed to be  weighted less in terms of Edge within Facebook, I personally feel posting in each site allows better targeting of content based on the niche served by each platform (though some posts do cross platform audiences).  Being directly in each platform also encourages engagement (and that refers to interacting with others on THEIR pages/feeds not just with others on YOURS) that 3rd party apps cannot offer.

I do like 3rd party posting apps for scheduling certain posts as long as it is not done constantly.  There is value in this process especially for announcing sales, new product releases, contests, etc that might start at a specific time or  when you want a series of messages to be broadcast over time to build hype for one of the above mentioned.  Just be sure to not overdo it!

The big issue with constant use of 3rd party apps – other than the lack of engagement on your part within each platform – it can be seen as spam if used too often or if the same posts appear identically posted on a number of platforms with cross over followers, but quite honestly,  it’s not very social.

Automated posting is just that: automated.  The goal of any social media campaign should be to create an image for  your business that is personal and inviting.  After all, we buy from friends and people we like and trust.  Your business needs to be seen as that friend.  That will not happen if you rely on 3rd party apps.

What are your thoughts?  Do you use 3rd party apps to post?

Robert Nissenbaum

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As a consultant, speaker and educator I provide common sense, practical and actionable social media advice to small business owners and solopreneurs. Active using LinkedIn and Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009, Google+ and Pinterest by invitation before public release and now Instagram, the advice, support and training I offer are based on close to a decade of experience in using social media for my personal and own business brands, not simply what I have been taught or read. I approach social media from a very different perspective than most in the industry. I teach small business owners to shift their view of social media; to understand it’s less about their content and more about networking and building relationships. I work with clients to create the blueprint they need to succeed, help put the infrastructure and systems in place and offer continuing support. Social media is more than a career. It’s my passion. Having spoken on and taught social media since 2011, you’ll get a knowledgeable, seasoned speaker who will deliver quality content without fluff and up-sells. I am available to speak or facilitate social media training workshops at your event on a variety of topics and have presented in Washington and Arizona. Speaking engagements and workshops can be tailored to your needs with presentations as short as 20-30 minutes and training workshops starting at 90 minutes.
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