What if You Could Push Your Posts to Your Fans?

As part of my primary business, Blue Ridge Wireless, I post a regular tech tip video piece each Tuesday.  This past week I talked about taking advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities by using an RSS reader.  The beauty of using an RSS reader, whether it is on your smartphone or computer, is the ability to collect updates from those sites and blogs you follow having them brought to you rather than you spending the time to go to each looking for those updates.  That got me thinking about leveraging the use of an RSS reader to drive social media engagement.

The hardest piece of the social media puzzle for most businesses, and the one I hear about constantly, is getting fans to see their posts.  The problem is consistent across all of the major platforms.  What if you could hand deliver your posts directly to your fans rather than relying on them to find it among the rest of the noise?  The good news – you CAN!

While it might take some work to locate, each of your pages  & accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus, not to mention blog sites like WordPress, have their own RSS feed.  If your fans subscribe to those feeds, rather than your relying on them to see your posts within each site at the time they’re posted, those posts will be fed directly to their reader.

There will still be the challenge of getting your fans and followers to subscribe to your feeds, but once they do, even if the feeds are only checked once a week, they will see EVERY post!  With direct links to each, they can ‘like’, +1, comment and share with ease.

So where do you start?  First, you’ll have to locate your RSS feed for each of your site.  Second, you’ll need to get your fans to subscribe.  I’ll get you started on the first point.

Finding your RSS feeds:

Facebook: Fortunately Facebook makes it easy.  On the left side of your page, below your profile pic, below your menu options, below ‘About’, your insights and Likes you’ll find a second menu.  The link will take you directly to your feed.  (Hint: The exact address for that feed can be found in your browser’s URL bar.)

Twitter: Not as easy to find, but if you replace ‘xxxxx‘ at the end of the string below with your user name, you’ll have your RSS feed URL:


YouTube: Replace ‘xxxxx‘ with your channel name to get the RSS feed URL:


Google Plus:  G+ will take a little work on your part.  You’ll need to generate your API key in Google APIs console and then locate your page’s ID but the process is not all that difficult.  You can find the complete procedure at http://www.google-plus-rss.com/.

Be sure to subscribe to my feeds and let me know what you think!

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