Thinking About a Contest to Attract Fans?

There is no doubt that contests work.  People are quick to act when they have a chance to get something for free, especially if all it takes is a quick click of the “Like” button.  Personally I’m not a ‘fan’ of contests.  Why?  Far too often those new fans aren’t really QUALITY fans.  They ‘liked’ your business fan page in an attempt win something, not because they want to support you or actually like/care about your business.  The net result is having spent time (and money on the prize) to attract fans that are unlikely to interact with or purchase from you in the future.  That amounts to wasted effort.

The goal of a fan page should not simply be increasing the number of fans, but rather increasing the number of fans willing to interact.  Having 500 engaged fans that interact and drive revenue is far better than 5000 fans that ignore your posts.  High fan counts do not drive Edge or visibility, interaction and engagement does.

So how do you increase your fan base with people that will interact with you?  Posting quality, positive, and fresh content should be your starting point.  As people see your page (regardless of how they got there), your posts are part of your initial impression.  I’m more likely to “like” your page and get involved if I see valuable content.  My time is far too valuable to spend it viewing pages with little to no worthwhile content.

The second suggestion – engagement.  Get involved on other pages posting as your business.  Your responses are visible to others and you would be surprised how many of those will like your page based on your comments.

Before you create that contest to drive fans and followers, stop and think.  Taking the easy way out will pay off in the short run, but the slow and steady approve will ultimately win out over the long haul.

Robert Nissenbaum


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