Succeeding with Social Media: Part 6

Social Media is a Piece of Your Total Marketing Pie!!

One of the pitfalls that I see happening in some businesses is that they are focusing so much attention on social media and Facebook that they are forgetting about the rest of the Marketing Pie.  Social Media is just one piece of the Marketing Pie.  It is NOT the entire Pie.  It IS an opportunity to communicate your brand in a more comprehensive and concise way to a larger audience.  Social media will work well if your Marketing Pie is in place and functioning well.

So in other words, are you taking exceptional care of your customers now? Are you following up and following through on everything in your business?  Do you address customer complaints quickly and without defensiveness?  Assess and analyze the rest of your business before launching into a full blown social media strategy and it will save you from losing sight of all the other components of marketing.

I love Facebook and I focus a lot of my time and energy on that marketing strategy, but it is not the entire Marketing Pie for IdeaMagic visionary marketing.  What does your Marketing Pie look like?

MJ Jensen

Chief Idea Officer for IdeaMagic visionary marketing


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  1. Very true info MJ…Thanks for sharing!

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