Succeeding with Social Media: Part 5

Be Patient.

Many business owners I speak to ask why, after months of posting and promoting their social media pages, they still don’t have many fans / followers or simply don’t have many likes or comments.  It’s easy to hear the frustration in their voices.

Social media is not sprint.  It’s a marathon.  As a business owner, unless you have a well known brand like The Gap or Target, it will take time.  Even when posting quality content, don’t expect fans to flock to your page and start commenting.

As with any marketing piece, seeing or hearing about your social media site once or twice is generally not enough to get people to commit.  Most people need to here or see your message 9 or 10 times before acting.  Since most business owners have limited communication with their customers, it’s only natural that the process will take time.  As for getting that level of engagement from your fans once you have them – keep in mind that studies have shown that close to 90% of those with the social media community are ‘lurkers’.  They, for a number of reasons, just don’t participate.  Only 1% are active and regular participants (The ’90-9-1′ Rule).  In simple terms, at 100 fans, only 1 can be expected to interact on a consistent basis.

Until you see that level of engagement come up, don’t fret.  Regardless of how many fans you have or how engaged they are, it is very likely that they ARE listening and learning.  When they need your service, they WILL call you.

The key for the business owner is to not get discouraged and to continue with their social media strategy.  It will pay off over time.


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