Succeeding with Social Media: Part 4

The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.‎

Just as in person, we need to make sure we follow the Golden Rule in our online world.  By now, most of use should be aware of our fans and follows who take the time to re-tweet and share and our posts.  Take some time to read what THEY have posted.  Chances are they share your material, not just because the content is good, but because it falls in line with their views on the subject matter.  That means there is a good chance what THEY post is quality content worthy of sharing as well.

If you do not support those that help you, you will quickly find those fans will either stop promoting you or worse, just disappear completely.  As I have said, social media is about relationship building.  If you expect someone to share your material, then you need to step up and support them too.

The opposite also holds true.  One of the best ways to grow your reach and get others to share your content  – share theirs.  This goes back to the engagement piece written a couple of blogs back.  Taking the time  to promote someone else will get you noticed.  If the Golden Rule is applied, they too will start to follow and promote you.

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