Succeeding with Social Media: Part 3

Quality vs Quantity

Whenever I speak to someone new to social media and looking to start building a presence online for their business, the first question I get is ‘How often should I post?”.  My typical response – “Ideally, once per day, but don’t force it.”

Two big mistakes I see made by businesses within social media are the extremes of either simply not posting or posting constantly.  Not posting at all is self explanatory.  Posting too often requires some more understanding.

I consistently see businesses posting (in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter among other platforms) everything they can.  Their sites become a collection and re-broadcast location of material culled from a variety of sources.  For your fans and followers, there is no value in this.  It’s information they can get on their own just as you did.  Offer them something better.  Take one of those stories and expand on it.  Tell them your thoughts on the subject or why you see the topic of value to them.  Give them something to think about or ask more questions.  It  is far better to post less and create quality content that sets your business up as the expert rather than simply regurgitating content from others in your own words.

The other downside posting too often – your earlier content gets pushed down and tends to get forgotten.  The last thing you want is good content hidden and out of site from your fans.  With the volume of posting within most social media platforms, its hard enough to remain visible.  Don’t make it harder on yourself.

As for posting daily – this tends to take the pressure off having to constantly come up with good content.  I constantly here “I don’t have time to post.”  If you stick to a once per day game plan, you can deliver quality content without stressing over how you’ll find the time.

And the last part of my response – ‘but don’t force it’ – sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to simply post for the sake of adding some content.  As long as your are consistently posting engaging and valuable information, missing a day now and again is not a big deal.

The bottom line:  Make sure you create a regular posting schedule that YOU can handle, provide quality, engaging content, and when you don’t have the content – don’t sweat it!

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