Succeeding with Social Media: Part 2


Social media is about building relationships.  Think of it as the virtual equivalent to traditional networking.

In person you would never think of ignoring someone when they ask you a question.  So why would you do it ignore them online?  Far too often I see posts tagging others that simply go unanswered, never receiving a response from the tagged party.  Regardless of how busy you are or even annoyed at being tagged, you simply CANNOT brush off these requests.

Acknowledgment doesn’t always require a detailed response.  It can be as simple as ‘Liking’ a post, hitting the +1 button or a simple ‘TY’ will suffice in many cases.  Just make sure to respond.

As easy as it is to make long lasting connections within social media, it is easier to ‘burn bridges’.  Failing to acknowledge someone is the fastest way to lose what you have worked so hard to earn.

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