Streamlined Notifications from Facebook

Facebook just announced yesterday that they were rolling out a change in an attempt to reduce the amount of email notifications users receive.  The idea is to allow users the ability to group notifications, cutting back on the overall number of emails generated.

While users have always had the ability to control what notifications they received, each action triggered a new email, so for many, this will be a welcome change.  Having the ability to control the clutter coming into one’s inbox will be a welcome change for many.  For me, I will stick with the old system for now.

I received my email from Facebook a short time ago and unchecked the box to group messages.  While fewer emails is generally a good thing, I already tend to miss some activity between running two businesses, managing six fan pages and teaching social media.   I have found an easy way to sort and separate emails using gmail filters and it works well.  Having separate emails allows me to follow up and verify that I responded when and where needed.  It is my back up system.

The significance of this change, though, is not just the option to reduce emails.  It’s the fact that Facebook is actively working to provide greater control to the user, allowing them the flexibility to customize Facebook in a way that works for them.

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