Do You Know About Facebook Lists? You Should.

One of the features that has stood out for most using Google Plus, and probably the best feature for many, is “Circles”.  The feature allows you to sort your friends into individual circles providing the ability to post messages that are visible only to that circle or to customize your feed to read only posts from people within a particular circle.

The capability to post content or ask questions that apply only to specific people without subjecting the rest of your friends to what amounts to clutter (for them) in their news feed is great.  The fact that the user can read only posts that (if your ‘Circles’ were created properly) on a specific subject or individuals can make it easier to get the information you’re most after and allow for greater social interaction.

What few realize, the feature has long been available within Facebook.   I have taken advantage of Facebook’s lists for some time.   The only difference – Google Plus made it front & center as well as easy to use.  The list feature, while easy to use, is hidden and as a result, less than 5% of most people use Lists effectively.  Facebook is looking to change that with some new features (, but until the changes start to show up here is a basic Lists 101:

To create a list:

Account Settings
Edit Friends
Click ‘+Create a List’

Add friends to (same process to remove from) a List:

Account Settings
Edit Friends
Change Recently Interacted to All Friends
To the left of the ‘X’ highlight click Edit Lists
Select the list you want

As you add friends, you can immediately add them to lists at that time.

How to use your new Lists to customize you’re news feed:

From your Home Page, Select ‘Most Recent’ as your News Feed, select the down arrow to the right of Most Recent and you’ll see a drop down menu allowing you to select what shows up in the feed including your lists and an option to just see the business fan pages you follow.

Let us know how this works for you!

Robert Nissenbaum


About Robert Nissenbaum

As a consultant, speaker and educator I provide common sense, practical and actionable social media advice to small business owners and solopreneurs. Active using LinkedIn and Facebook since 2007, Twitter since 2009, Google+ and Pinterest by invitation before public release and now Instagram, the advice, support and training I offer are based on close to a decade of experience in using social media for my personal and own business brands, not simply what I have been taught or read. I approach social media from a very different perspective than most in the industry. I teach small business owners to shift their view of social media; to understand it’s less about their content and more about networking and building relationships. I work with clients to create the blueprint they need to succeed, help put the infrastructure and systems in place and offer continuing support. Social media is more than a career. It’s my passion. Having spoken on and taught social media since 2011, you’ll get a knowledgeable, seasoned speaker who will deliver quality content without fluff and up-sells. I am available to speak or facilitate social media training workshops at your event on a variety of topics and have presented in Washington and Arizona. Speaking engagements and workshops can be tailored to your needs with presentations as short as 20-30 minutes and training workshops starting at 90 minutes.
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