Do Your Facebook Posts Require You to ASK for Interaction?

Edge.  It’s what keeps your posts at the top of everyone’s News Feed and without it,  your posts are probably not being seen.  The issue is HOW to get your Edge for your posts.  Most by now know by now that ‘Likes’ comments, and shares (in connection with weight & time decay) determine how much Edge a post obtains. But knowing how Edge is calculated does not make it easier to obtain it.

The critical piece for businesses to control is Affinity – getting your fans to interact.  While the content of your posts are important, simply providing great, useful and new information is usually not enough to drive interaction.  We have all seen it.  You post about the latest advancement, legal change or new product on the market and how it relates to your business and still you get no comments or likes.  You’re thinking this is big news yet no one responds.

So now what?  Too many social media experts recommend ‘asking’ for likes and comments within the post to drive that interaction.  In many cases this strategy works.  If you ask, you’ll get the comments and drive Edge for the post.  For me, the result, though, is artificial.  My teaching strategy is to have page owners post content that drives interaction WITHOUT the need to ask.  Why?  It’s a clear indication you’re providing the content your fans WANT.  People are always more compelled to respond to content that affects them and as a business owner your ultimate goal is to provide just that – information and services that benefit your customers.  It’s that post content that will drive additional fans to your page and it’s that content that keeps them interacting over time driving Edge for your page.

So how do you determine what content your fans want?  This is the time to ask them.  You might me surprised by how many of your fans are actually engaged and seeing your posts but choose to remain silent since the content doesn’t speak to them.  They’ll tell you.  At the very least, experiment with your post content.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Think about the content you post on your personal profile and what reactions it generates.  Just be sure to keep it professional!

As a final thought, while I don’t advocate asking for likes and comments as the primary means of driving interaction, one of the most powerful techniques for driving Edge is using tagging to engage specific people, bringing them into the conversation.  Simply relying on this, however, means your missing the mark in the first place.

Robert Nissenbaum


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