Facebook’s Tagging Review – It’s a Start….

I started playing with Facebook’s tagging review feature.  It’s a nice feature but not what I was expecting. When tagged in a friends post with my privacy controls set to review all tags, the hyperlink (tag) to my profile still showed on her wall prior to my approving it.  Apparently approving/denying it only affects if it shows on MY wall.   I expect that result would have been the same had I been tagged in a picture.  Since my friend chose to shared her post with the public, EVERYONE could see that I was tagged and still link back to my personal profile.

Even if she only shared the post with her friends, the tag is still there.  With a large number of mutual friends, had the post/photo contained questionable content, it would still be harmful to my reputation even if my other friends do not see it.  Effectively, the new tagging review option merely keeps the post from showing on my wall until approved and does not actually prevent the tag from showing elsewhere.  You still need to remove the tag manually.

As an additional note, my personal profile was tagged in a photo this morning while my tagging review feature was active.  The photo did show up on my friend’s wall showing my name WITHIN the body of the post (making it very visible) but did not show on MY wall until it was approved.

Tagging approval is a welcome addition, but as long as the tag shows up somewhere, I think the review feature is lacking in actually protecting one’s privacy.  A far better option would be to deny the ability of others to tag me without prior consent.  Why not  provide me an additional setting in my privacy controls to allow me to choose who can tag me?  I find it odd that I can control who can send me friend request, who can message me, who can see my posts, but cannot control who is allowed to tag me.  Like I said, it’s a step in the right direction, but still falls woefully short of protecting the user’s privacy.

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