Facebook’s Tagging Review Walkthrough

I started experimenting with the new Facebook privacy settings this evening.  I played with the tagging setting that allows the user to review and approve or block any post or image they’re tagged in prior to it showing on their wall.  There are a few concerns I have at present regarding how effective the process is in maintaining privacy (they’ll be discussed in another post), but I wanted to show the process.

When I was tagged by a friend, I did receive a notification that I was tagged, but did not get an email telling me to review the post.  The itself notification was pretty straight forward:

Once the notification cleared I went back to my profile.  Under my profile picture the notification showed up as a pending approval in the menu bar under “wall”.

Clicking on the pending tab provided the option to approve or deny the post.  I would have liked to see a 3rd and 4th option – to always approve or deny tags from certain people.  With Facebook moving to allow tagging of people regardless of friendship status, the possibility for spam increases and this would be a handy feature.

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