Changes to Facebook Privacy Settings

One critical area of social media for me is maintaining a level or privacy.  While I am not concerned with people seeing my personal posts, I do want to protect my family and friends.  The recent changes that are starting to show up for many on Facebook bring some much needed new controls.

One of the bigger changes affects how tagging works.  Individuals now have the ability to preview posts they are tagged in PRIOR to the post showing on their wall and the ability to review images you’re tagged in BEFORE they show up in posts.   as well, you can control WHO sees you posts you’re tagged in after approval has been granted.  As before, there are additional settings to control if and when your friends can check you into place.

At present, I have chosen to turn off the review tagging options (on by default  – a nice change that shows Facebook taking privacy concerns more seriously than in the past) choosing to allow tagging the way it had been.  So far, the privilege of tagging me and my business has not been abused.   On the odd occasion that it is, email notification stating I have been tagged provide me quick access to remove any tags or posts in short order.  Since I am predominantly using Facebook for business, I’d prefer to make it as easy as possible for you to tag me and my business whenever possible.

There is one big unknown here that could change my mind.  Facebook now lets users tag ANYONE regardless of friendship status.  That is a great change for those that understand the value of  tagging people and how it can be used to drive interaction.  The downside – it also sets up the possibility for far more spam.

Time will tell whether I change my settings and approach.

To access the new settings, head to your profile, click on Account  to open the drop down menu and click privacy settings


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